5 Ways SonicPro UV Redefines Oral Health Care


Unmatched Cleaning Efficiency

SonicPro UV employs groundbreaking sonic technology, delivering 40,000 sonic strokes per minute. This dynamic action thoroughly cleanses teeth and gums, eliminating debris and enhancing your oral hygiene routine. Revel in the sensation of freshness as SonicPro leaves your teeth visibly whiter while reducing gum bleeding and sensitivity.


Revolutionary Germ Shield Technology

Did you know the average toothbrush contains more than 10 million bacteria, including E. coli and Staph? With SonicPro UV's patented germ shield technology, you experience a staggering 99.9% reduction in germs, bacteria, and viruses. The innovative base station offers a protective cocoon for your brush, warding off external contaminants, while the internal UV-C light meticulously sanitizes the brush head between uses.


Clinical Whitening for a Confident Smile

Unleash your brightest smile yet with SonicPro's clinically proven teeth-whitening prowess. Harnessing the power of sonic vibrations and advanced design, SonicPro gradually unveils a whiter, more radiant smile. Feel empowered and ready to flaunt your teeth with confidence, backed by the undeniable results of SonicPro's technology.


Smart Brush Zone Technology

Navigate your oral care journey effortlessly with SonicPro UV's smart features. Select from two meticulous cleaning modes, supported by a comprehensive 2-minute timer and interval alerts. This ensures every quadrant of your mouth receives equal attention, fostering consistent oral health. SonicPro's ergonomic design and rechargeable features always ensure a seamless experience.


60-Day Money-Back-Guarantee

We're sure you'll love SonicPro, so we're providing a 60-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you're not thrilled with the results, let us know. We’ll happily assist you with a refund or replacement.