Frequently Asked Questions

The UV base station uses germ shield technology to sanitize your toothbrush with UV-C light, built to kill 99.9% of the germs on the brush head.

The SonicPro UV toothbrush bristles are made of a special twisted fiber created in Germany. This special fiber cleans the surface of your teeth while the brush vibrates 40x sonic strokes in the handle.

Two standard-size whitening toothbrush heads and one large whitening head come with the SonicPro UV toothbrush.

The UV sanitizer base can last up to six weeks, depending on the type of AA batteries you purchase.

The UV base uses two double-A alkaline batteries. The SonicPro UV toothbrush holder has a built-in rechargeable battery.

The toothbrush holder comes complete with a charging cable.

No. The UV base only sanitizes the toothbrush from germs present on the bristles.

Rinse the toothbrush with hot water. Turn the sonic vibration on while you strike the head of the toothbrush against the edge of the sink to disperse water off the bristles. Turn off the SonicPro UV toothbrush and place it in the UV base.

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